It’s official. I’m officially a deadbeat, unemployed blogger.

Well, maybe not deadbeat, but definitely jobless. As of yesterday, my gig at American Apparel is over, as the entire company folds worldwide, country by country fading to black like lights going off in a vast corporate hotel, one-by-one.

My point, however, is that in among all this insecurity and dissolution, I’ve managed somehow to make new connections in the most random of places. Former bosses have become friends as rank and file slipped into irrelevance, and along with the carpetbaggers buying up pieces of the shop – some stooping low enough to unsuccessfully place bids on the very hardwood floor beneath my feet – I found common ground with a few customers, buying mementos and souvenirs of what our company stood for in better days.

A local server who does quadruple-duty at four different bars in town, is one of these. “Sonja” as we’ll call her, ended up becoming less of a face in the crowd and more of a personal acquaintance over the sale of a table and clothing rack. In the ensuing texts we swapped, which covered random ground from lettuce heads to hot sauce, to the many places hot sauce could be applied (dry ramen noodles being one such place), a particular topic stood out: music videos from the eighties and nineties.

Not feeling exactly inspired to blog during the final days of my job, a whole month had slipped by since my last post, Murder/Suicides. Clinging to whatever inspiration I could find, thanks to Sonja’s ramblings, I began revisiting the videos to songs I hazily remembered as a kid. (We’re talking Sting, The Moody Blues, and even Take That.  Yeah … not that I listened to boy bands as a habit; it’s just what got airtime in the waning days of the first millennium, am I right?)

Somewhat invigorated by these samplings, I think my next music posting is going to be an album review for what I consider to be the penultimate Moody Blues album, hearkening back 31 years (omg!) to 1986. This is a band I grew up listening to, and yet haven’t played in over a decade. Oddly enough, I keep hitting ‘repeat’ on (some) of their hits – and even some of their misses. Thanks Spotify…*

I might entertain you with a little fiction as well – two little shorties I wrote during very quiet days at my last, last job – running a local suit-and-tie enterprise I’ll just call Faded Glory Tailors.**

So, while I’m going to leave you hanging for the meantime, I promise it won’t be for long.

Besides … it’s not like I have anything else to do.

Author’s notes:

*sorry, this article never got written. My bad.

**I posted one of these as Ratios in a Pop-Up Book





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