I’ll admit it. I’m one of those people who has a tendency to overthink things, sometimes unable to settle comfortably in any one direction. On that topic, the last little while hasn’t been too kind to me — courtesy of my January layoff at American Apparel after the company went bankrupt.

As readers of Big Snippet will recall, I’ve spent the last two months pursuing the dream of summer school, in particular, legal admin courses at the local college. A certain measure of bureaucracy (okay, a lot) in getting funding for these classes bogged me down, and during one of my earlier posts I was beginning to muse about how I felt this whole academic pursuit might not materialize. Well, spoiler alert, it hasn’t. At least not in the form I’d reckoned it would.

The main caveat has been formality — big surprise there — in that while my local government is generously offering to pay tuition for a basic, certificate program of my choosing (with the purpose of offering a leg up out of the wreckage that is a retail management career in the age of Amazon), they’re unwilling to compromise on when I can begin the said program. As a result, I have to sit out a potential summer uptake and wait instead for the “proper” September semester to begin. As trivial as this sounds, the not so small disadvantage is that in order to continue to qualify for the tuition subsidy being offered, I have to remain demonstrably unemployed in my locale — in other words, no job for five months.

I should note that despite my droll literary eyeroll at this predicament, I’m not in any way ungrateful for the fact paid tuition — on top of unemployment insurance payouts — is even an option, attainable or not. There’s plenty of places where losing a job would mean literally losing meals and shelter, but in my incarnation here in the first world, it’s little more than an inconvenience; one way of looking at it, is that thanks to the socialist love affair Canada embodies, the worst I have to deal with is forms and bureaucrats. There — I said it. I’m lucky, despite my frustration at being idle.

A friend of mine suggested that I shelve my legal aspirations in favor of something more immediately attainable. The overarching opinion was that if I wasn’t willing to endure continued joblessness in order to become someone’s desk jockey at a law firm, maybe it wasn’t meant to be, and, maybe there was something else, a better compromise to chase after. I gave it some thought, called some other colleges and hit up Google more than a few times at one in the morning. Summer school, where art thou?

My academic journey continues, but so far things are looking up — albeit in a different direction — despite my uncertainty. If all goes according to plan, I’ll take up a certificate program in digital marketing and web development. And, in a strange twist of coincidence, I’ll be studying the hell out of WordPress. I’ll let you know what happens.

Wish me luck.

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