Fully Optioned

True musical representation should be more about human concepts than reaching for the support of age brackets for easy audience endearment, the worst examples being the laziest, where the station in life is referenced directly. I don’t have an issue with very young or middle aged artists releasing songs glamorizing, popularizing, or underlining issues unique to their larger or smaller quantities of years, but like the classic adage show, don’t tell, doing so should be an exercise in allusion and subtlety.


There's something to be said for mystery-bands, groups so obscure that they share a profile on last.fm with three other ensembles with the same name, (I'm looking at you, Rogues) or others that release a bang-up EP or debut, then immediately announce a hiatus, and six years later they're all but vanished.

For a Few Kronor More

It's been more than two weeks since the US election by now, and I'm going to acknowledge this event best by not acknowledging it much at all. Apart from the occasional nightmarish dream like the one I had this morning, where my egomaniacal father had somehow merged with the meglomaniacal president elect and the two were one person, I'm doing just "fine."