Galactic Mocha

You know how some movies are purportedly historical? Inspired by actual events is the tagline I'm recalling. Well, consider this post basically the same. These things actually happened, but I'm going to take liberties with the prose to make it more readable, more blog worthy, if you will.

Into LA

I'm tired by the time the wings begin to deform, flaps extending, the engines perspiring columns of heat that warp the image of the earth below, lending a diorama like perspective on the office towers clawing into the sky. I can see bodegas, corner stores, tennis courts, all rushing up to see me.

Winter and Serge

For a while now, the weather report had suggested things were going to warm up, to thaw. The winter had dragged on hesitantly, and although the skies had recently given way to brighter shades of blue, the temperatures had taken a plunge deeper, like the season had gained sentience and dug in claws made of ice.