I Bought a New Car

I recently bought a new car. After avoiding a couple of suspect money pits (a Pontiac Grand Prix GTP, and a Mark III Supra, among others) I settled on much shallower money pit that seemingly had nothing wrong with it -- a Mercedes CLK-430. Not exactly a childhood dream car, unlike the other two, but … Continue reading I Bought a New Car


Fully Optioned

True musical representation should be more about human concepts than reaching for the support of age brackets for easy audience endearment, the worst examples being the laziest, where the station in life is referenced directly. I don’t have an issue with very young or middle aged artists releasing songs glamorizing, popularizing, or underlining issues unique to their larger or smaller quantities of years, but like the classic adage show, don’t tell, doing so should be an exercise in allusion and subtlety.


Things can always get worse. It's a saying that doesn't exactly imply optimism, is it? I find that certain sayings, no matter how you twist them about, no matter what context you use them in, they always seem to pepper a sentence with too much spice. For once though, I found this sentiment actually useful … Continue reading Perspective

Tinted Windows

The more I blog, the more I've began to settle into writing shorter, condensed pieces, as well as using other people's works as springboards to action; a point to uphold, mull, or disagree with. And today, there's plenty to consider, with political crusaders of all colours suddenly claiming their fair share of territory on WordPress.


I don't think the sky could figure out what shade it wanted to wear today. It seems hesitantly content playing host to grey clouds, backlit by a fluorescent sun I can't see, reminding me of the vacant glow of a slide projector lacking an image to beam.

Blogger’s Block

"April will be a blast" I thought. "70 visitors before, double that last month, why 300 hits should be an easy feat!" Yeah right. Problem is, you actually have to write stuff for that theory to work, and I'm running creatively dry exactly halfway into this month.